Leaving New York: Neerja Patel, in her own words

ImageNeerja Patel, of Neerja PR, in her own words shares why she chose to ally with the Women’s Education Project, as she prepares to make a big move for her own children’s education.


I can’t think of a single more important thing in life then education.

It was the reason my folks left India and moved to America, leaving behind everything that was familiar to them. Their friends. Their family. Their culture. All so my sister and I could have better.

I’ve been a New Yorker for the last 10 years. I love this city. I’ve hit the statute of limitations for being official.  But come fall, I too, am moving house for the sake of my children and their education. My husband and I decided to shift base to West Chester.

I think about young women in rural India.  They may not have the same privileges that I or my children will have to shift homes so easily or a someone to help them write their first resume or learn how to use a computer. But they do have access to something called the “Women’s Education Project. https://www.facebook.com/WomensEducationProject?fref=ts

Zoe Timms’ initiative caters to women living in rural areas. The girls learn how to take notes in class effectively. They have access to novels that I so cherish reading with my own daughter. computer classes. English classes.  Resume prep classes. practice prep for interviews at their first jobs.  The girls at the WEP learning centers learn how to take care of their finances, and most importantly how to take care of themselves.Image

This is why I am allying with Betsey Johnson and the WEP event on May 23rd. For my own daughter and for daughters everywhere. I hope you will come support me and Zoe in what we are trying to do.


Next LadyDrinks Thursday, May 23rd @Henri Bendel’s followed by the Betsey Johnson event  @Orensanz 172 Norfolk Street, NYC Tickets/Donations: http://fffac.eventbrite.com Enter code Lady20 to get the special LadyDrinks discount.

A $250 single ticket price allows you to adopt one WEP student. A ticket will support her schooling and career training for an entire year.


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